Who's Who

Everyone is important! One of the joys of being a part of the fellowship at Scorrier is the way that folk look out for one another, without expecting official recognition. There is a genuine concern for the physical wellbeing and spiritual welfare of others. 

The Bible describes the church as a united body, made up of different parts. Every person has been given different gifts by God that are to be used for the good of others (Romans 12:4-8). This teaches us that every person in ‘the body’ is valued and has an important role to play in serving the wider fellowship.

However the Bible does recognise and affirm the need to set aside certain individuals for leadership. There are 2 main leadership roles outlined in the bible…

Elders: Who have the shared responsibility for spiritual oversight

Deacons: Who have the shared responsibility of practical support

Together our elders and deacons also make up the charity trustees 

Colin Wells


The Wells family arrived in Cornwall in 2020. Colin’s married to Hannah and they have three children, Mia, Caleb and Keziah. After working for Christians in Sport for 11 years Colin moved into local church ministry back in 2016. A precious calling and a great privilege! The whole family love sport and exploring the great outdoors!

Stewart Burns


Mary and I moved to Cornwall in 2010! The Bible tells me I am a saint – a sinner saved by God’s amazing grace – saved to serve our Heavenly Father, for His honour and glory. I am being saved, I am being sanctified and one day I will be glorified and will be with our wonderful Saviour – the Lord Jesus Christ – forever and will be like Him. What a hope! Hallelujah! What a Saviour!

Peter Ham


Peter and his wife Jenny both grew up in Redruth.  From nominally Christian homes, they both came to faith at Redruth Baptist Church as teenagers, where they met … and things ensued.  Peter has a Ph. D. in chemistry, and he and Jenny moved to Harlow for Peter’s first career with the pharmaceutical firm GlaxoSmithKline, during which time their two children David and Joanna were born and grew up. In 2005, Peter and Jenny returned to Cornwall for Peter to become the pastor of Tuckingmill Baptist Church, from which he retired in 2022.  Still wanting to remain in the area, they moved to Scorrier Christian Fellowship shortly afterwards. “We still believe the same things that we discovered, over 50 years ago, about the amazing grace of God to us in Jesus Christ.  And it still a wonder and a delight that He continues to show us His faithful love in Jesus every day.”