Who's Who

Everyone is important! One of the joys of being a part of the fellowship at Scorrier is the way that folk look out for one another, without expecting official recognition. There is a genuine concern for the physical wellbeing and spiritual welfare of others. 

The Bible describes the church as a united body, made up of different parts. Every person has been given different gifts by God that are to be used for the good of others (Romans 12:4-8). This teaches us that every person in ‘the body’ is valued and has an important role to play in serving the wider fellowship.

However the Bible does recognise and affirm the need to set aside certain individuals for leadership. There are 2 main leadership roles outlined in the bible…

Elders: Who have the shared responsibility for spiritual oversight

Deacons: Who have the shared responsibility of practical support

Together our elders and deacons also make up the charity trustees